A good teacher and good course material go together

The most important feature of your English training sessions is… your teacher: a carefully selected experienced native English speaker who knows how to facilitate your progress.
But you get more than that. We also include state of the art course material that will help you go the extra mile during and after your language classes. It complements what your trainer explains and gives structure to your English course.

We consider it part of our job as language training professionals to carefully check all the tools that exist and choose the ones which guarantee the best results for our students.
Thanks to these didactical aids, you don’t need to write a lot in class. You can listen to your teacher, participate in conversations and receive practical advice on how to improve your spoken skills.

There are four categories of tools we use in our language lessons:

1. Course books and exercise books

We select the best course material available for every level and for every type of course.
The Cambridge University Press is the main source of our course material. We have their best books shipped over from England to be used in our classrooms.  We also use materials from Oxford University Press and MacMillan.

There is an international consensus amongst language training professionals that these organisations produce the best didactical tools to allow optimal student progress. And why work with second class material if you can use the very best?
For most of our general English group lessons, we currently use the ‘Face2face’ series, which comes at all levels, from beginner, elementary, intermediate to advanced.

face2face English course

2. Self-study CD-ROM or e-portfolio

Your printed course book comes with a digital component that allows you to do as many extra exercises on listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar as you want.
This comes in the form of a CD-ROM or an individual e-portfolio with login.

It allows personalised follow-up and all the material is 100% complementary to the content of the language lessons and the course book. It gives you the possibility of progressing more rapidly if you decide to invest extra time in between your language classes.

English listening exercises

3 Audio listening material

English listening exercises

Although your teacher is always a native English teacher, we use listening material in class to familiarise you with different voices and accents. You listen to short tracks, followed by questions you need to answer.

It is a great way to improve your listening comprehension and your vocabulary and it exposes you to a language that is representative of how it is used in daily life.
The degree of difficulty is always adapted to your current level of English so that you can gradually understand the English language better and better.

4. Supplementary course material

The content of our English group lessons is not fully determined in advance. We use the course materials as described above, but we always allow for the course to be adapted according to the findings of the teacher.

Topics of common interest to the students or areas that cause more problems than anticipated can be covered by additional lesson material that will be handed out by your trainer. We take remarks and suggestions into account and try to adapt the course accordingly, which adds to the dynamism of the class and the motivation of the participants.

Conclusion on our lesson tools

Learn English vocabulary

A good course is a mixture of different activities and resources. That is why the English Academy has created a didactical method that blends different components into one powerful didactical tool that has proven to produce the best results to help you learn English fast in a group.

You can keep all these materials, so that long after the end of your English training sessions, you can use them to do – or redo – certain activities and thus improve your English further.
After all, that is what it is all about!

Learn English vocabulary
Check the group classes where we use this material

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