Tailor-made English classes at our school in Brussels

The philosophy of the English Academy is very different from language schools that work with a fixed method or even a franchise plan. We have been helping people learning English for over 70 years. Based on that experience, our staff has designed a system that allows an accurate and efficient assessment of the situation of every person who wants to make fast progress in English with private language classes in Brussels. The necessary processes have been put in place to ensure an optimal result.

This is how we make your English classes in Belgium work.

Determine your individual needs.

The English Academy is reputed for personalising its language courses. That is why it is recommended that you make an appointment at our school so that we have the time to analyse your personal situation.
You will take a double English level test: a written multiple-choice test and an oral test to check your fluency. We also check your needs: you explain us in which circumstances you will use the English language and we check for gaps in your current skills.


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Timetable and duration.

It is important that you take your English lessons when you are available to do so. You can opt for a flexible package of hours that can be planned on the specific moments you prefer.

An efficient solution are our intensive private English classes in Brussels, where you have a class every day for one or several weeks. This solution guarantees rapid progress in English if you can make yourself available.

The total number of hours depends on the disparity between your current language skills and the level you want to reach. Your budget is also a factor to be considered. You have the last word when it comes to decide which course to take and for how long.

Tailor-made solution.

Once we have all this information about your availability and the requested intensity, your budget, level and objectives, we can create a unique language course that suits your individual situation. This personalised approach will also be reflected in the choice of didactical material for your language course. The English Academy has resources that can cater for any need and level and which allow for reorientation if appropriate.

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Choice of teacher.

Another factor of major importance is the choice of the right teacher for your English classes in Brussels.

It is logical that we appoint an English trainer that is available for the timetable that you request. But we also make sure that your English tutor has the right background for your specific needs. We try to create the ideal match, even taking into account interest and personality, since everybody is unique.

You have the guarantee that your trainer is a native speaker as well as an experienced and certified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Flexible and adaptive.

Once the lessons start, the trainer has the skills and experience to see if the course needs to be adapted to changing circumstances. Every time we see that certain activities cause more problems than expected, we adapt the curriculum to solve that problem. A student sometimes redefines their objectives and preferences or wants to change the timetable. We will always try to find a solution that suits everybody.

Report and certificate.

At the end of the course you will receive a detailed assessment of your progress in different areas and your overall improvement on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. That report will also include personal comments and advice for future development of your English language skills.
Next to the report, you will also receive a certificate, confirming your course, number of hours and your final level.

Your feedback on your English classes in Brussels.

Constant monitoring of our lessons and trainers is essential to ensure that the quality of our English lessons and the progress that you make is as good as reasonably possible.

Therefore, we ask our clients for feedback on their course so that we know how satisfied they are. They give us their opinion on the progress they made, on what they think of the quality of our services and on their English teacher.

This follow-up keeps us alert and allows us to perfect certain aspects of our method if needed.

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