The huge importance of classes that offer English for kids

1. Travel and popular cultur

If you want to travel abroad and see new places in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South-America, you can make yourself understood in English, so that you don’t have to learn each local language separately.

Teenagers love watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters and listen to popular pop and rock music with English lyrics. The same goes for popular websites and anything to do with computers in general.

Also, social media like Facebook and twitter are becoming more and more international. People who want to communicate with people in other countries will use the English language to do so.

The English language will open the door to an increasingly globalised wold.

English for kids

2. Studying Abroad

The number of students studying abroad has already increased sharply, and this trend is expected to continue over the coming decade. In Europe, more than 40.000 young people study in another EU member states yearly, and this number will only rise. The success of the Erasmus student exchange programme is the best illustration of this trend.

The overwhelming majority of degrees taken abroad are taught in English.

For MBA and other postgraduate studies, even an official diploma of English such as the IELTS might be required as proof of an advanced level of English before you can register at a foreign university.

And for most scientific studies in your own country, English is a necessity because most scientific papers and manuals are published in that language.

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3. Become smarter

Learning a second or third language when you are young will boost the intelligence of a child.

Recent research has shown that the problem-solving skills and the memory capacity of teenagers who had mastered several languages are clearly above average. Individual differences are off course considerable, but the statistics undeniably show that learning other languages improves the IQ of kids significantly.

Adults can also learn a new language but they will not boost their overall intelligence by doing so.

4. Career opportunities

Have you looked at the job offers of companies recently? It is very rare that English is not one of the top requirements. It is quite revealing that these job offers are posted on professional social media such as LinkedIn that are entirely in English themselves.

English is a necessary skill not only in international cities such as Brussels and Paris. Even local companies have an increasingly international reach and their staff is becoming international. English is thus increasingly becoming the standard language in these companies.

It goes without saying that the chances of being promoted to a higher function increases considerably for an employee who has an advanced level of English.

5. Easy to learn

The basic grammar of English is fairly easy to learn. That way you can get going in the language as soon as possible.

An additional advantage is that young people get a lot of exposure to the English language through music, films and the internet. This way, the passive knowledge that is this acquired by kids will increase their English in a natural way, almost without efforts. The principal challenge lies in activating that knowledge. This is, however, easier to do in English than in a totally unknown language that one never has contact with outside the classroom environment.

6. English is the language of tomorrow

English is an official language in 53 countries and is spoken as a first language by over 400 million people. But the number of people that use English as a second language is much larger and continues to grow.

The world is becoming a global village, where people can connect to any other person or place. Effective communication requires a common language and there is no doubt that the English language will play that role, because it already does.

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Conclusion on why English for kids is essential

It is obvious that in the foreseeable future, the importance of English as a necessary tool of communication will increase even more.

It is the language of popular culture as well as of science and education. It is essential if you want to travel abroad or have a good career. It is a must if you wish to broaden your horizons and unlock the full potential that society has to offer.

Parents who want to invest in the future of their children will make sure that their son or daughter has an excellent level of English so that there will be more opportunities available to those kids in the world they will be living in as adults.

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