Read more on why the English Academy is the reference for language lessons in Brussels and why our language school is the best choice to improve your language skills fast.

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You will also find out what to expect from the professional advice by one of our language training consultants and how you can benefit from it for free.

Our language school in Brussels

  • As the first Belgian private language school, the English Academy set the quality standard for language lessons in Brussels and Brabant Wallon and Brabant Flamand. We offer lessons in English, Dutch, French and other languages.

  • At our training centre or at your office or home. We teach language lessons at our school in Etterbeek. We also send trainers to every corner of Brussels (Avenue Louise, Woluwe, Uccle, …) and even outside town. (Wavre, Zaventem, etc.)

  • We offer the largest choice of English courses: individual, group, in-company and intensive language lessons; distant learning, conversation tables, groups in the evening and on Saturday, professional and academic training, etc.

  • Proof of excellence: the English Academy is a Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre and a partner of the European Parliament and of Actiris. A Qfor audit resulted in a unique 92% client satisfaction score. Who does better?

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Our excellent teachers

  • Native speakers: the English Academy set the standard that a language course should always be taught by a native language teacher. We guarantee that this is the case for all our language lessons in Belgium.

  • Skilled and experienced: All our language coaches are qualified foreign language trainers, holding a teaching degree. On top of that, we require a minimum of two years of relevant and successful teaching experience.

  • Carefully selected and tested: the recruitment of the best tutors available has always been the main focus of our language school in Brussels. The resulting quality tuition is the cornerstone of our indisputable reputation.

  • Constant assessment and feedback: our teaching staff is supervised by our dedicated management team. We are convinced that assessments by both our language school and students are essential to keep our standard of teaching high.

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Our efficient method

  • We make you speak the language, correct your mistakes and thus boost your self-confidence. Making our students speak the language is essential. The very limited number of students per group stimulates active participation.

  • Adapted to your personal needs: the English Academy provides tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific objectives, problems, level and preferences of every student. That way, we can offer truly personalised lessons.

  • Practice makes perfect: regular repetition and practice of the new language skills will transform your passive into active knowledge. You will not only ‘recognise’ but also ‘apply’ what you learn so that you can really use what you see in class.

  • Extend to your daily life: you will be encouraged – and taught how – to use your newly acquired language skills outside the classroom and develop them in everyday circumstances so that you can continue improving your fluency.

  • Best course materials: the Cambridge University Press provides us with their English course books and other resources for every need and every level. Why would we choose something else if we can use the very best material?

  • Report and advice: your language lessons in Brussels should not stop at the end of your course. The detailed report on your progress of our language school will help you to continue improving after the end of your course.

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Our professional advice

  • An analysis of your level. If you want to improve your language skills, you must know where to start. We will analyse your current knowledge with a written and an oral language level test, for the English, French or Dutch language.

  • An analysis of your needs. Benefit from our long experience and have your linguistic needs analysed. You might not be aware of what you need to improve and where your problems with the language are situated. We will check that out.

  • Your availability and budget. The planning of the lessons is tailor-made as well. We will check when you are available for your lessons and how fast you need to progress. Your available budget is also a factor to be taken into account.

  • A personalised advice. Based on this information, our professional language training consultant will propose you those language lessons in Brussels that are best adapted to your individual situation. This will help you to make the right choice.

Improve your English speaking skills with a skilled native English teacher.
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