Your collaborators need to improve their language skills?
Our language school can come to your office in Belgium, so your people don’t lose any time.

Your collaborators need to improve their language skills?
Our language school can teach at your office in Belgium, so your people don’t lose any time.

About our in-company group lessons

About our in-company group lessons

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  • Cost-effective: in-company group lessons are cheaper per person. To achieve optimal results and an interactive group dynamic amongst colleagues, we advise a maximum of 6 to 8 participants per group.

  • Any time of day: morning (when concentration is optimal), afternoon or evening lessons (6 pm at the latest) are possible. We fix a regular timetable when everyone is available.

  • Testing the levels of the participants: this enables us to form homogeneous groups. Written language tests are done online. And if needed, we come to your company to carry out oral evaluations.

  • Number of hours: you determine the number of lessons and thus the training budget. To ensure optimal progress, we consider 30 hours to be a minimum course duration.

  • Our language school comes to your office: these on-site language courses take place at your company. The travel expenses depend on the location and the number of training sessions. Ask us for a quote.

  • Follow-up and reports: we give management or HR permanent online access to the attendance sheets, course content, test results and the individual progress reports of all your company’s courses.

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A partnership

Our language school will help you develop a training strategy and make sure it works.

How do you get started?
We don’t simply propose a course but a real partnership:

  • Together, we determine the needs and the possibilities.
  • Level tests allow us to create homogeneous groups.
  • You get online access to the course and attendance info.
  • You get progress reports on every participant.

For your peace of mind, we will audit your needs and monitor the training all the way.

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Our platform

A unique online platform allows you to follow up 24/7 on your in-company language courses.

Login anytime and find all the useful info about the language courses for your company.

This interface, exclusively made for the English Academy, allow you to see:

  • Course objectives and dates.
  • Detailed attendance lists.
  • Lesson content overview.
  • Test results & progress report.
  • Feedback by the students.

All relevant info at your fingertips, whenever you want.

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Professional trainers

Our qualified, experienced and dedicated trainers are at your disposal and will help you succeed.

Take no risk and rely on a school that recruits the best language teachers that can be found.

The trainers of the English Academy have the following qualifications:

  • A degree as a foreign language teacher.
  • They only teach their own mother tongue.
  • Extensive teaching experience.
  • Positive evaluation of their classes.

We teach on-site in Brussels, Brabant-Wallon and Vlaams-Brabant. Certain locations in Flanders and Wallonia are also possible.

How your company can benefit from our language courses
Banking English
Banking English

Jean Sablon

Training Manager ING Bank

5 stars

We are very satisfied with the Dutch, English and French language training that the English Academy provided to hundreds of our bank’s staff.
That is why we have continued working with this language school in Belgium and why I can recommend their services.

English for consultants
English for consultants

Eric De Meester

Training Manager at PWC

5 stars

The English Academy taught more than 20 different Dutch, French and English group courses to our consultants. I must say that this language school’s organisational skills are as outstanding as its in-company language lessons. I rely on them for our future language training in Belgium.

Our language school in Belgium can organise
English, French or Dutch group lessons at your company*

Our language school in Belgium can organise
English, French or Dutch group lessons at your company*

*Other languages (with different prices) are also possible, for as far as we have qualified teachers available.
Just contact us with your request.


Lesson plans are flexible, but take best place in the daytime, when people are not tired and attendances are better.
An in-company group class is minimum 2 hours to be really efficient and stimulating.

Group size

Two people is already a group, allowing interaction between several participants.
We don’t allow more than 8 participants per group, since this limits the progress and the interactivity.

Our prices

Our prices

30 hours

€ 1.995

€ 1.995

+ 21% VAT = 2.414 €

45 hours

€ 2.843

€ 2.843

+ 21% VAT = 3.440 €

60 hours

€ 3.590

€ 3.590

+ 21% VAT = 4.344 €

90 hours

€ 5.086

€ 5.086

+ 21% VAT = 6.154 €

Administrative costs, testing and reporting: included.

Transport fee: give us your address for an exact quote.

Course material: cost depends on the specific requirements.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs: