What are Cambridge Certificates, such as the C2 Proficiency?

  • Cambridge Certificates of English are worldwide the best-known tests and qualifications to provide yearly almost 6 million learners of English an official proof of their language skills as a non-native speaker.

  • There is a certificate per level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), testing speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. The C2 Proficiency is one of them.

  • These certificates are often mandatory when applying for studies, for jobs in an international workplace or for working visa. They motivate to study and they look incredibly good on your CV if you pursue a career!

  • Our experience in helping people successfully prepare for the Cambridge Exams in Belgium guarantees that our training programme will considerably improve your test results and thus ensure you will get your certificate.

Proficiency certificate

Cambridge Certificates in Belgium

3 organisations join hands for your test: one organises it, as second prepares you for it and a third certifies it.

The English Academy in Belgium has a long experience helping people succeed in the C2 Proficiency and other tests. Students often pass a test at a higher level than their initial language level.

Zwiers Exam Centre has teamed up with The English Academy. This organisation gives the exams. Dates, location and price for every exam are on their website. (Check regularly for updates.)

Cambridge Assessment English supervises the tests and certifies the results. This organisation is part of the University of Cambridge in England. On their website you can find more information on the different exams.

Cambridge certificates

Why prepare at the English Academy?

We are an exam preparation centre with an unrivalled experience and success rates. We WILL boost your test results.

Our renown is unmatched. The English Academy is specialised in teaching English in Brussels, Belgium, since 1947.

Only here you will find group lessons in Brussels (next to individual courses) to prepare successfully for the Cambridge Certificates, such as the C2 Proficiency.

87% success rate of our students at these exams. Impressive, not? We only employ qualified English native speakers with a particular experience in exam preparing.

We are a Cambridge Preparation Centre, collaborating with the Zwiers Exam Centre, which is under the supervision of Cambridge Assessment English.

The Cambridge English Certificates per level.
B1, B2, C1 and C2 Proficiency.

C2 Proficiency

Formerly known as the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), the C2 Proficiency is the highest-level qualification possible. It is proof that your competence in English is close to that of native English speakers.

A C2 Proficiency confirms you can communicate fluently, deal with hard questions and study demanding subjects at the highest level. You can understand complex writing and negotiate in international business settings.

The C2 Proficiency can be required for a very senior academic or professional environment, for instance for the top management of corporations, European Organisations in Belgium, or a PhD programme.

B2 First

Formerly known as the First Certificate o English (FCE), The B2 First is a popular exam at an upper-intermediate level, accepted by countless educational institutions and businesses, in Belgium and worldwide.

It shows that you can communicate effectively, express opinions, present arguments and explain a point of view. You can understand the news, write letters, reports and other types of text.

The B2 First is often required for a foundation or pathway course (that prepares students for UK University entry) or a Bachelor degree in English in non-English-speaking countries.

C1 Advanced

Formerly known as the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), the C1 Advanced is a high-level qualification, confirming that you have the advanced language skills that universities and employers require.

It shows that you can communicate effectively and fluently at a managerial level or follow a course at university level. You can participate in academic seminars or professional meetings with confidence.

The C1 Advanced is often required for international studies, for management positions or to work abroad. In the Flemish part of Belgium, lectors and professors need such a certificate to be allowed to teach in English.

B1 Preliminary

Formerly known as the Preliminary English Test (PET), the B1 Preliminary confirms that you have mastered the basics of the English language at an intermediate level, which is a practical level for everyday use.

It shows that you can understand a conversation, read simple articles and write emails and letters on familiar subjects. You can express your opinion in both written and spoken English, although not in a fluent way.

The B1 Preliminary improves your work, travel and study prospects, since it confirms your ability to communicate in English for practical tasks, requiring an intermediate level of English. It is popular amongst young learners.

How to prepare for the C2 Proficiency or another Cambridge Certificate Test in Belgium?

Improve your English speaking skills with a skilled native English teacher.
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    FAQ on the Cambridge Certificates.

    It is important that you take the test of the right level, neither too low (which is pointless) nor too high (which will likely result in a fail). You must know your current level on the CEFR. These levels are indicated in the name of the corresponding Cambridge exam. (E.g. ‘C2 Proficiency’ requires a C2 level.) The challenge would be to boost your language and exam skills, prior to the test.

    The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR or CEFRL) is the European standard for describing language ability on a seven-level scale. It ranges from A0 (absolute beginner) up to C2 (proficient user with a near-native language level). A detailed description of the corresponding skills of every level can be found on the page with our online English test.

    Take our online English test to find out which level you currently have. We worked for many years on this free test that will give you a very good indication of your current mastery of the language. In only 15 to 20 minutes, you will know your level. The page with the level test also includes a detailed description of every level of the CEFR. Once you know your level, you will also know which test to take.

    The Cambridge Certificates are recognised by more than 22.000 universities on every continent. For governments and private employers, these assessments are a trustworthy proof of your language skills. Over 45.000 people per year take the C2 Proficiency but many more prepare for the certificates on other levels: Cambridge Assessment English organises tests for almost 6 million people every year in 2.800 exam centres around the world.

    The good news is that your Cambridge English certificate does not expire! It lasts a lifetime.
    This is a huge difference with IELTS. The results of IELTS are only valid for two years. However, individual institutions (such as universities, employers, professional organisations and government bodies) can choose how long to accept results for the Cambridge Certificates. Please check at the institution that you wish to apply to if you have any doubts.

    The price for the different exams vary from 135 € for the ‘A2 Key’, 145 € for the ‘B1 Preliminary’, 225€ for the ‘B2 First’ to 240 € for the ‘C1 Advanced’ or the ‘C2 Proficiency’. (These prices are indicative.)

    Cambridge Exams in Brussels are planned throughout the year so that the students of the English Academy don’t have to travel far. Exams are also organised in Antwerp on certain dates. Other locations in Belgium are also possible. You can find this information on the website of the Zwiers Exam Centre. Check regularly for the most up-to-date info on dates and locations.

    There is no fixed number of days before you receive your results. You will receive your result when it is ready, which can be on a different day than of others who took the test on the same day as you did. There is an approximate ‘result release window’ of four to five weeks after the exam date for paper-based exams and of two weeks after the exam date for computer-based exams.

    Formerly known as the Key English Test (KET), The ‘A2 Key’ certificate confirms that you acquired a pre-intermediate level. It is not as popular as the other exams, since the level it confirms is too basic to be of practical use.

    IELTS stands for ‘International English language Testing System’. It is an alternative British English level test and certification for all levels. It is only valid for 2 years.
    TOEFL means ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’. It is the American equivalent of the British tests. Although mainly used in the USA, it is sometimes also recognised in Europe.
    Linguaskill is a fairly new, fully online English testing system, also provided by Cambridge Assessment English. It is a modular system so that one can choose the combination of language skills to be tested.