An IELTS WORKSHOP in Brussels by the English Academy,
the expert English language school.

Get full information on the IELTS test in Brussels, how to prepare for it and how to optimise your score. You can even participate in a written practice IELTS test, including an instant evaluation.

  • When and where? On Thursday 25 June 2020, from 6 to 8 pm, at the English Academy, Rue Louis Hapstraat 156, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels.
    Please be present at 6 pm. sharp.

  • Who can attend? The number of participants is limited, so that everyone gets the chance to ask questions and do the try-out test. For that reason, it is necessary to reserve your place (see form below).

  • Who will give the workshop? An experienced native English teacher who knows all about the IELTS test and the director of the English Academy. The British Council will provide brochures.

  • What does it cost?  The English Academy is the only organisation specialised in IELTS preparation courses and actively promotes this test. Therefore, this information session is totally FREE OF CHARGE,

What is the IELTS?

What does this abbreviation stand for? What are the different parts of this international test and why should you take it?

The ‘International English Language Testing System’ or ‘IELTS’ is the best-known exam of English as a foreign language, and delivers a diploma, certified by the University of Cambridge and recognised world-wide as a proof of your level of English.

Speaking, reading, listening and writing skills will be assessed during your IELTS test to determine and certify your general level of English. You will always get a certificate with a score that reflects your results on these four English skills.

Why take the IELTS in Brussels? It is often compulsory if you want to study abroad in English or if you need to get a work permit in another country. Businesspeople take it to improve their career opportunities in large, international companies.

Who are the IELTS partners?

3 organisations that make your IELTS certificate possible: one prepares you for it, a second organises the test and a third certifies your results.

The English Academy: this is the only Belgian private language school to be a Cambridge English Preparation Centre. Their expert trainers have helped many people prepare for the IELTS test with success. Both group lessons and individual tutoring are available.

The British Council Brussels: this is the official British organisation for culture and education. It prepares and organises the actual test. More information on this exam, the test dates and prices can be found on their website.

Cambridge Assessments English supervises the exams and certifies your IELTS level, so that it is recognised all over the world.  This organisation is part of The University of Cambridge in England. You can check out their website.

IELTS Brussels: program of the workshop

  • Part 1: the introduction. What is the IELTS test? Why should you take it? What are the alternatives? What about the two types of IELTS test? Where and when can you take it? What do the scores mean? Where can you get more info and the best material to prepare yourself for the test?

  • Part 2: the test analysis: Every part of the test (listening, reading, writing and speaking) will be explained by our expert language coach, so that you know what to expect, what is the most challenging aspect of each part and how to prepare yourself so that you can boost your test results.

  • Part 3: Q & A time: You will get the opportunity to ask all the relevant questions about the test, the value of it, the part of the IELTS that worries you the most and the way you can prepare yourself: through self-study or language lessons. We want you to understand every aspect of it.

  • Part 4: the practice IELTS Test: Since we do not have the time to do a full test, we will focus on those written activities that cause the most problems to the average person. This mini test will take maximum one hour, starting around 8 pm. This activity is optional and planned as the last activity of the evening.

The English Academy Brussels organises specialised IELTS preparation courses (weekly & during the Easter and summer holiday in group, and all year round on an individual basis.
Check the options here.

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